Old Favourites

I have this habit of taking a photo of things that are not really worth keeping anymore.  Maybe they are old or damaged or I just don’t have a need or space for them.

To be honest, I struggle to throw things out.  I have a desire to be zen, but the genetics to be a hoarder.  I’m not talking rats in my front yard, but throwing things out, decluttering, etc., hmmm, tricky!  I blame my mum!  Sorry mum!

So taking a photo to replace an item is perhaps the first step to moving forward!  However, some things get photographed, but the next step doesn’t quite happen – sigh!

These are my favourite shoes.  No, not heels!!!  My Product Red Little Red Riding Hood Converses.  LOVE them.  As you can see they are well worn, with holes and falling apart.  This is not a result of poor quality but of true love.  They have been worn every cool or coolish or cold day since I bought them a few years back.  I really want some new ones, but it’s just finding the right pair.  Maybe the Chuck Taylor Marimekko’s.  But I’m just not sure I can part with them.

Am I the only one?All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


4 thoughts on “Old Favourites

  1. I’m the complete opposite, I am chuck happy (always recycled if it can be) and it’s drives Adrian mad 🙂 However I do like your Converse’s and I can see why you have kept them. If you do end up replacing them have a look at the Converse Comme des Garcons Play xxx

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