Sunday Funday

Lately we’ve been mooching around at home on the weekends, unless we’ve had specific plans to meet friends or visit.  How it often goes is Mark and I try to get some work around the house done – sorting, gardening, cleaning, etc.  The kids tend to whinge, whine, shout, cry and generally do anything to get our attention.  We all get frustrated and think how much we can’t wait for Monday to arrive.

Pretty sad, so we have changed our tune and we are making it a priority to plan some family time and activities and get outside while the weather is still … reasonable.   Hence, a little while ago Sunday Funday was born.

We had promised Rachel a reward for her efforts at school last year and she has been reminding us.  So, a few months late we gave her some options and she chose mini golf.  I’m sure her uncle and grandpa are very proud!  No matter how much we made the museum look attractive, she wasn’t interested.  We thought that was very strange for our nature and science loving girl.  But we realized the motivation for mini golf was as much the treat at the café afterwards as the golf itself. Little does she know there is a shop at the museum – shhh. The rain held off and we headed out.It was a reasonably quick game, and Rachel had a bit of accuracy.Bianca had more of a hockey-golf technique, and couldn’t be told… anything!  But we all had fun.

We are all looking forward to more Sunday Fundays – a lot to live up to!All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. Lou, I love the concept and I double love the photo’s. Everything is wonderful – the perspective, the colour, the subject….. all of it. I can’ wait to catch up this Christmas and see for myslef justvhow much the girls have grown.
    Take Care all….

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