Can I still call myself a coffee snob?

I love my daily morning coffee.  But I’m not an addict, I have just one, after I’ve dropped the kids, and maybe had a half hour walk, all on my own, planning my day.  A latte, skim milk, no sugar – mmmmm.

It used to be at a cafe or a quick takeaway, but when I realized that added up to nearly $1,000 a year.  So, I have reverted to the home made drink.  I buy some good ground coffee.  I would grind my own but the grinder is on strike.  I use my Bialetti stove top bought in Milan and lugged around Europe when I was a 20 year old back packer.  I warm the milk and use a small plunger to froth it.  Delicious.

I know a bit about coffee.  In my past life in advertising agencies I had three coffee clients at different times in my career in the UK and Australia.  I learned a lot about coffee production, and how to make the best cup at home.  I tasted so many beans, blends, and drinks to confuse and enlighten any taste buds.

But here’s where I’ve started to worry.  I’m not one for hot drinks on a hot summer’s morning, especially after a walk.  So I crossed to the dark side… iced coffee.  Hmmm.  Where does the coffee jury stand on this?  I would have thought that was a coffee snob no-no.  But, I like it!  I justified it by still making the espresso shot with my stove top and using good coffee.  But here’s where it gets really dodgy.  Today, all in a hurry, I used instant!  Aaaahhhh.  And the secret is, eeeeek, I’m not sure I could taste the difference.  I’m probably just tired and it is Friday.  But I might have to try it again to be sure!And here is a photo of my kids, just so I can remind myself why I love them so – especially after the tantrum filled morning we had.  Perhaps I need another coffee!

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


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