Reap what you sow

A little while back, Mark and I thought about the kind of parents we wanted to be and what we thought was important for our kids.  Not some formal debate, more a chat over a wine or two!  For those that read my first blog post, you will remember I wrote about wanting our girls to see us living a life that inspired us and we were passionate about.  And not just based on what we did or said but who we were being – how we actually lived our lives.

One of the things Mark is passionate about is vegetable gardening.  He has always wanted his own vege garden and after visiting our friend’s allotment near Ascot in the UK, he was determined to make it happen.  We have had a vege garden at home for 5 years or so, and we have had varying degrees of success with veges and herbs.  But then an opportunity came about a few years back to be involved in the local Council Community Garden  – a joint initiative between the local Council and Cancer Council NSW.  It is the Cancer Council’s first Community Garden and part of their ongoing strategy to encourage a healthy lifestyle, stress relief and community involvement.

Mark was hooked! 

There were a few reasons for us getting involved in the Community Garden:

  1. The girls seeing their dad follow his passion and being committed to something
  2. The opportunity for the girls to learn about where their food came from and going a little way to being self-sustainable
  3. It was also very important to us for the family to get to know and be involved in our local community
  4. Both my and Mark’s parents have had cancer, and cancer took my mum’s life 7 years ago, so the Cancer Council’s involvement had special meaning for us.

Mark has been the deputy chair of our local Community Garden and he and the team have  been working on this project for a few years now and although it has been open nearly a year, the official launch happened recently. 

Although he is not the chair person, Mark was the official MC and made a speech on behalf of the garden. It was a fabulous morning attended by members, friends and family, the local Mayor, various Council officials, Cancer Council NSW and ABC TV.

The kids were kept occupied painting bed numbers for the plots.I am so proud of Mark for seeing this, at times frustrating, project through.  It is his stress outlet at the end of a busy week – his time.  Such an important thing for him and for our family.

And here is a before picture just so you can see what has been achieved.

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


2 thoughts on “Reap what you sow

  1. It was one of those blink-and-you’d-miss-it moments, and I didn’t see the whole of the news item when this aired on ABC, but this familiar face flicked across the screen, & I said to Annie “I *swear* I just saw Mark Fletcher …” – leaving this for the record in case Mark thinks no-one saw!

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