A Haiku and a birthday

Just another day

Or is it?  Someone’s birthday

Did they remember?

They did, so many of you did.  Thank goodness for facebook prompts!  Love Facebook!  And I’m sure you would have remembered anyway.

I received oodles of lovely texts, emails, facebook messages, even a few phone calls, and can you believe it, two old fashioned, sent in the mail, birthday cards, with a stamp and everything!  Thank goodness for family.  And three fabulous hand delivered cards – two of them home made.  Thanks girls.

There would have been one from my mum too if she were still with us.  Aren’t mums great at that kind of thing.I was so spoilt with gifts from some gorgeous friends and my family.    And we had my favourite feast for dinner – bubbly, prawns, smelly gooey cheese, pate, sun dried tomatoes, grapes, prosciutto, smoked salmon and yummy figs.

Click here for our fig recipe.And no one will miss me coming in these boots!  Rain at school pick up… Bring It On!

I’d like to mention that I share my birthday with Elle Macpherson, and although we have some things in common, she is much, much older.

Mostly as the birthdays arrive faster each year, I am grateful for what I have: for my family and friends most of all.  Thank you all for making my day so special xx

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2 thoughts on “A Haiku and a birthday

  1. Hey honey it sounds like a great day – love the card from Mark and that shot of your dinner….where did you go again? Well done Mark and girls! Mummy will be smiling for days!
    Happy Birthday and here is to another great year.
    Love you Liz

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