For better or worse…

…in sickness and in health.

Never have those words been tested more than this past week – it was a two pronged attack.  I won’t go into details, but I was as sick as a dog and my husband stood true to his vows.  Not sure I want to be tested in that way.  But, all better now.  Secondly, our PC did weird things after various security upgrades, etc.  Eventually we restored back to the previous weekend, but it was a scary time.

So much of our lives are now on our computers, in cyberspace.  Not just the annoying little things like bookmarks, tabs on the tool bar, but documents, receipts, bank accounts.  “How do we pay the preschool invoice?”  was an interesting one.  And of course, the blog – I missed two, TWO blog posts.  I didn’t think I would be so upset.    But mostly, I was worried about the photos.  Were they all still there?  Have we lost anything?  Oh my gosh!  Thank goodness my hubby is the tech man and has multiple backups, security, etc.  It’s his strategy to have me never leave him – it’s working.

But it had me start thinking about what really was important.  Most things can be replaced, with time and losing a few hairs, but the photos, those images of the kids as babies, the wedding photos, the holidays, our daily life… They cannot be replaced. The images I capture every day are my journal of life.  The words are important but they are the accompaniment to the visual for me.  The photo tells the story.  One image says so much about a moment.  All the memories flood back.  So, people, make sure you back up your computer regularly, and have multiple copies of your images, somewhere.  Or maybe, even, print some out and frame your favourites.  Enjoy them now, just in case one day  they are lost in cyberspace.

And to that end, I recorded our Good Friday.  The little things, the important things.

The girls chose the morning swimming spot.And a very belated Black Forrest birthday (ok, it’s Easter) cake for me after my recovery.  Yay, our favourite patissiere was working on Good Friday.And an afternoon spent chilling at home with the girls while they played with their other sisters (our neighbours).  “Mum, they are like our sisters aren’t they!”While the mum’s supervised, drank tea, nibbled on pastries and chatted with everyone else in the street, until the sun went down.A pretty perfect sunny autumn day.  Happy Easter everyone.  Hope you are spending it with the people you love.


All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


4 thoughts on “For better or worse…

  1. Love it Lou – yes it’s a great reminder to back up – we once thought we’d lost about 5 years of images on an external hard drive that seemed ‘broken’…fortunately we were able to retrieve them but it was a bit scary at the time.
    Absolutely gorgeous photos – I love the one of E on the fence.
    Happy Easter!

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