Back to school soon

As much as I love the school holidays and hanging out with the girls and our friends, I don’t get much “non-mummy” stuff done.  But that’s ok, and some of the things I do manage to get done help organise getting back to school.  Winter uniforms are washed and ready;   lunchboxes are stacked and waiting;  bags are smelling like daisies; and shoes… they still need a polish.

One of the things I did during last term was create a chart for Rachel so she could mange her own school preparation each day. It was inspired by a blog I read somewhere – I wish I could remember whose. I set it up in word and re-designed it for our needs.  It is stuck to the fridge and it works a treat.  She checks it every morning – sometimes unprompted!

Click the image for a better look.

If anyone is keen to have a copy and adapt for their own use, let me know in the comments.  It’s in Word and I just used the clipart on file.

I hope you are all enjoying the school holidays.  So happy we had a few days of glorious sunshine before the rain started.  But I’m sure many of you are also looking forward to the start of term and getting back into the routine.

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4 thoughts on “Back to school soon

  1. Great chart! We did one as well but and written….would love a copy of yours. Hope you had a good break. Katrina x

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