You are a writer and an artist

I said to my four year old daughter, after picking her up from pre-school yesterday, that I had to do some work that afternoon.  She said, “ok mum, cos you’re a writer and an artist”.

I was stunned.  My little girl was able to tell me what I am, while I’m still daring to dream that I can make that a reality.

I really got that it is all about declaring who you are and being that.  So…

Who I am is a writer and artist.

What I do is write about my passions and life and create images of my family, friends and life around me.

What that gives me is an incredible sense of being fulfilled, an ability to spend time with my children and loved ones and to be present to how incredible my life is.

So simple really.  Declaring who you are and then being that, and living with integrity – being your word.

I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy and what I want my life to be about.  What I want to leave the world with, the contribution I am to people and the planet.  Perhaps that’s for my next post.

Sometimes it takes a 4 year old to make you realise what you are, because they seem to know already.

All images taken with my iPhone 3 with Instagram or Shake-it-Photo apps.

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


9 thoughts on “You are a writer and an artist

  1. Beautiful shots. Come submit some time if you are a match for our gallery!

  2. Your posts are so beautiful all the time, Louise! I always look forward to reading them! And your photography is gorgeous!
    I think we have lots to learn from kids; everything is so simple for them & we complicate things so much. In reality it’s not that complicated really 🙂

  3. You are brilliant Louise!!!! we should always stay 4 years old when it comes to imagination and creation…xo

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