Get your sparkle on

Create a Vision Board.

Part of my homework from my coach who is working with me on my business, and really, my whole life, is to create a Vision Board.  I’ve always thought about creating a vision board, but felt a bit “yeah, yeah” about it all.  In my head it was more like a “what do you want if you win lotto” wish list.  Not particularly useful or inspiring.

I noticed I had been avoiding doing this homework, for a few reasons: I’ll never get there; it’s all too hard; it’s silly; it doesn’t work; I can’t decide what to put on my board.  At the heart of it is was being a perfectionist, how could I ever create the right board with the right things on it and, I didn’t deserve the things on that board anyway.  It’s been tough being an undeserving perfectionist.  The context is everything!

But, now is the time, to go, to start, to follow on from where this blog started and to trust my coach.

I asked for help from a friend who I think is great at Vision Boards and who swears by them.  She sent me a great link which had me reassess how to approach creating this board and suddenly I was inspired and got it done in a few hours.  Gone were the excuses that I didn’t have the time, the right magazines, the right images, the right canvas, the right ideas.  And the, “Am I doing it right?”

So with a little (lot of) help from Najla, Sam, Nicole and Oprah, here is my Vision Board.  Let it inspire me.  Come on Universe, let’s go!

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