We eat pizza off Royal Doulton

Oh yes we do!  ‘Cos life is too short.

Before mum died, she was going to get rid of her Royal Doulton dinner service.  Being the ever sentimental one, I said I’d have it.  Of course mum stored it for me for a few years and I never got around to getting it shipped over from Perth.  Then mum died and across to Sydney came the 10 place setting. It’s been sitting in my garage for about 6 years now.  And all that time we have been using the “inherited from flatmate” slightly chipped plates from an incomplete set, with bowls that are practical but don’t match and would be at home in a student household.

Last week my husband’s father passed away, and I was reminded again how unpredictable life (and death) can be.  He was elderly and infirm and we knew he didn’t have a long time, but no one could possibly have known the when, and that really is true for all of us.

I saw an ad on TV last week which talked about not saving your best things for those rare special times, someday, but using your beautiful things and getting pleasure from them every day.  I’m not sure what the ad was for – life insurance, a bank?  [Note to Ad Agency:  I have seen your ad 6 times and still can’t remember the brand].

So, with thoughts of my mum and father in law, I finally pulled out the box from the garage.  A traditional style 10 person setting!  Large dinner plates – useful; side plates – good; entrée or fish plates – yeah, ok; entrée soup bowls – too small for practical use; platter – yep; and a soup terrine – again – yeah, ok, maybe.  Interesting to see how our eating habits have changed over time with Asian, pasta and slow cooked meals the norm in our house.  A set with 4 different types of bowl would have been more useful!

My mum had the set insured for $3,000, but for sale, I can’t imagine it would be worth much.  It’s not a style I would have chosen, but it’s a set and it’s in perfect condition (because mum hardly ever pulled it out).  So, it is our new every day set.  And if it gets damaged, so be it.  Life is too short to worry about a broken plate, so in our house someday is every day.


All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.



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