52 Portraits Project – 4/52

Week four of my 52 Portraits Project.  If you have missed the earlier weeks start at week 1 here, which includes more information about the project.


4/52. Seven.  My big girl is 7, let’s all jump for joy. Somehow 7 seems like a real shift, an unexpected milestone, a new level of maturity, development, sensitivity and expression. Happy Birthday beautiful girl xx

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52 Portraits Project – 3/52

Week three of my 52 Portraits Project.  If you missed them, you can see week 1 here (with more information about the project) and week 2 here.


3/52. Imagination. The ability to create a new world and a game, from the simplest of objects – my Secret Spy Girls!  My Mother-In-Law’s house was fertile ground for this while the adults talked business.

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52 Portraits Project – 2/52

Week two of the 52 Portraits Project.  If you missed week one, you can see it here, and also find out more about the project.


2/52. Pets. Our new baby (one of two). Such a joy having these little strays in our life and so proud of how my girls are looking after their new brothers.  An animal or two in the house, seems to put everything into perspective.

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52 Portraits Project

I was invited to join a project by my friend, a very talented and award-winning photographer in Canberra, Katie Kolenberg of Heartstory Photography. The aim of the project is to photograph and post a portrait a week (personal work) for 52 weeks, starting in the first week of July. An opportunity to spread our creative wings.  We are in week 4 now – 4/52 – and so far it has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  So many amazing photographers involved, each with their own style, vision, passion and experience.

I was struggling at the start to work out how to approach this project, and how to keep myself motivated over such a long period of time.  I know that I work best with a deadline and with some direction or structure.  Hence all those years in advertising agencies with nothing but meeting a brief and deadlines.

So I decided to create these 52 portraits as observation, messages and musings for my two gorgeous girls.  Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes silly, never perfect.  The portraits could be of anyone in their life, or people they don’t know, but with a message for them both.  Perhaps I will turn it into a book when it is complete.  A keepsake for me, and for them.

1/52. Serenity. That rare moment when mum has a bath and thinks she can spend a few quiet moments reading a book and soaking.  When actually, usually, she likes to know you are near.

If you are feeling inspired and need a little structure around your photography or blogging, why not create your own 52 Portraits Project.  I’d love to see your images.

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Winter blues and Nuffnang Blogopolis – YAY

I have been absent from blogging for the longest time!  The details are dull but they involve various things including:

  • a stick in my daughter’s eye and trips to emergency and doctors.  One more check up but she is fine.
  • School holidays – enough said!
  • A horrendous cold followed by the worst flu virus ever – me in bed for 8 days and still recovering my energy after nearly 3 weeks.
  • The kids getting the flu virus – sigh.

But, that is in the past, it’s a new day, a new term and I am BACK!

In all of that I attended the Nuffnang Blogopolis Conference at the Sofitel Hotel in Sydney.  What a fabulous event for bloggers from all over Australia to connect, have fun, network and learn and grow as a blogger.  And I did.

Me, very excited on the ferry coming into the city for BlogopolisToo long since I wandered the city streets (alone) on a beautiful winter morningThe presenters came from every sphere of blogging:  music, craft, food, parenting, fashion, styling, hair, photography, personal musings, sustainability, design, travel.

One of the panel discussionsThe catering was fabulous, from brekkie, to High Tea, to lunch and refreshments. We sampled a whole range of fabulous new Twinings Teas, including 3 new Earl Grey varieties.  Many of you will know how much of an Earl Grey girl I am.  Well, the new Orange Blossom, Lavender and Jasmine Earl Grey varieties are my new love.

High Tea, sponsored by Twinings with Royal Albert tea settingsDid I mention how good the food was – wow!Being a blogging conference, there was a permanent screen up showing live tweets from the day.  Too funny.

Breaking news while we were hard at work, about TomKat! I have never seen so many iPhones, iPads, laptops and tablets in one place at one time.

New friends at my tableWhat a fabulous day.  I learned so much and was newly inspired about my business, my blog, my branding and how to move forward.  Maybe not such a surprise I got sick and took a break from blogging.  Overload!

We were even given a goodie bag to take home, containing so much great stuff, and worth more than the value of the ticket.  My only thought was that the “gifts” were very parent oriented, and although the audience was mostly women, and many had children, not everyone was a mum, and not everyone was a mummy blogger.  A nice lip gloss or funky piece of jewellery might be a great gift for next year…

And then there was chat and champagne and eventually back to reality.  Whew.  Wonderful to feel so much a part of a fabulous, progressive and smart community.     Thank you Nuffnang.

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