52 Portraits Project

I was invited to join a project by my friend, a very talented and award-winning photographer in Canberra, Katie Kolenberg of Heartstory Photography. The aim of the project is to photograph and post a portrait a week (personal work) for 52 weeks, starting in the first week of July. An opportunity to spread our creative wings.  We are in week 4 now – 4/52 – and so far it has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  So many amazing photographers involved, each with their own style, vision, passion and experience.

I was struggling at the start to work out how to approach this project, and how to keep myself motivated over such a long period of time.  I know that I work best with a deadline and with some direction or structure.  Hence all those years in advertising agencies with nothing but meeting a brief and deadlines.

So I decided to create these 52 portraits as observation, messages and musings for my two gorgeous girls.  Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes silly, never perfect.  The portraits could be of anyone in their life, or people they don’t know, but with a message for them both.  Perhaps I will turn it into a book when it is complete.  A keepsake for me, and for them.

1/52. Serenity. That rare moment when mum has a bath and thinks she can spend a few quiet moments reading a book and soaking.  When actually, usually, she likes to know you are near.

If you are feeling inspired and need a little structure around your photography or blogging, why not create your own 52 Portraits Project.  I’d love to see your images.

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


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