I Love the Olympics

I really do.  Love it.

Although not enough to stay up all night when the Games happen to be in a very inconvenient time zone.  And yes there is drug controversy, and yes the countries with people and /or money or drugs win, and yes there is the silly commentary about coming second (in the world) being a failure, and yes I would love Australia to get all gold medals… but…

I love the Olympics still, despite this.  I become so proud of my country.  Not in a “we’re better that you” way, but in a “we’re part of something bigger” way.

These Games, my girls have been old enough to be interested and we have let them watch a little in the evening before bed.  It has been a fabulous opportunity to:

  • Introduce my girls to new sports, even if I can’t answer their questions about (or spell) tae kwon do
  • talk to my girls about how we fit into the bigger picture
  • explain to them about other cultures and running in burqas
  • have them understand how lucky they are to be born here, in this country where they want for little
  • hear them talk about what sport they want to be part of in future Olympics – anything without a ball for my 7 year old
  • remember my heritage – and shout just as hard for the Ukrainians and the Scots
  • explain and keep alive that heritage for my girls and plan a trip to those countries
  • talk about doing your best and being proud of that
  • love my country and be grateful for all it has given me

So I will be sad when the flame is extinguished.  Just as I am every Olympics and just as I was when I saw the fighter jet take the Olympic flame up, up into the sky in Sydney, twelve years ago.  I even cried a little – ok, a lot, I sobbed.


All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.



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