52 Portraits Project – 8/52

Welcome to week eight of my 52 Portraits Project.  If you have missed the earlier weeks start at week 1 here, which includes more information about the project.

I took a short but unplanned break from blogging to deal with end of winter sickness – all of us – but I am back!  Yayyy!

Catching up on my 52 Portraits Project which I shot but remained unedited and unposted for a few days.  Worth the wait I hope.

8/52.  Glasses.  You so want to be like your big sister. I caught you in bed reading and you said the glasses made it better to see (even without lenses). Rachel looks so beautiful in her glasses, even if she has a love/hate relationship with them. Your mum looks beautiful in hers too, and she loves them now. One day you may really need them, and you will look so gorgeous too. But in the meantime, remember glasses are only one way of seeing more clearly.

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


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