Love, joy and memories are often in the details

Some of my favourite images of my kids (and clients) are the detail shots.  Those images that capture something small, but oh so powerful.  All it takes is one look at that image and the complete memory of that time comes flooding back.  I’m not sure that we would remember those details without those specific images and often we forget to capture them.  I am guilty of that too and get into the habit of head and shoulders shots.  I have to remind myself.  My last blog post shows a detail image that really captures the cold first moment of jumping into the Spring water.  You can see the cold in her pose!

Here are some more examples of what I mean by capturing the details.

Learning to ride – The awkward path, the inappropriate shoes, the obstacles, the hill.  So proud of her.Flowers on a bushwalk – We went on a bushwalk in the blue mountains, and we picked these gorgeous yellow flowers on the way home and she held them out to me.For the love of bugs – My big one is a nature girl and loves bugs, not just the pretty ones.  We found this one on our pea plants.Chubby bubby legs – Those oh so cute little legs that they grow out of so quickly.  It’s lovely to have a reminder of that time.Oh, her curls – At 4 and a half she has only just had her first hair cut and those curls of “newborn-ness” are gone.  I loved those curls.Tiny fingers, big connections – I love seeing her tiny hand in mum’s, that beautiful connection.  And the rings, another connection.Eating pose – She used to sit like this for eating, with leg raised.  So although her grin is infectious, I focused on the foot, because that is why we were all laughing.First day of pre-school – Hidden by the plant she was asked to bring on her first day.  It makes me remember how tiny she was behind that “average sized” plant.Little Picasso – Capturing a detail shot and combining it with another related shot to create a diptych, is a great way to tell more of your story.Fun at the beach – I combined a number of images to create a collage and show the whole story of our afternoon.  The heat, the sand, the vivid blue sky, the sun, the exhaustion.  There are a number of detail shots in my gallery – I always like to include them for my clients, and they are very popular.

So, I encourage you to find the unique moments around you and embrace and capture the detail in your life.

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


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