Aussie Culture by the Sea

Last weekend we took the girls to see the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition at Bondi.  It is an annual exhibition showcasing extraordinary sculptors and their creations along the coast walk between Bondi and Tamarama beaches in Sydney’s east.  Being from glorious Manly, I can’t see the appeal of Bondi, but at least once a year, we cross the bridge to the south to visit, and yes, it was well worth it.

The girls weren’t initially keen but when we arrived and they saw the first piece, they were into it, seeking out the next one, and discussing what it reminded them of.  The crowds were as expected, and we moved with all the other ants along the path.  I managed to capture a sense of the fabulous and exotic, despite the crowds, and sometimes they added to it.  Here are some of our favourites.

Viewing the viewers viewing the view.A little bit of Aussie, and a blow up cat.And great recycling of cutlery.Beautiful creations hidden in the landscape.And some you couldn’t miss.  Would love this in my house!We took a break near the sign that needed a lot of explaining, and found a creation that was Bianca’s favourite – although not part of the official exhibition.I loved this honeycomb sphere which begged to be experienced from all different angles.There was a beautiful tribute to the victims of the Bali bombings with bamboo that moved in the wind, making an eerie, yet comforting and gentle sound.There were some really silly sculptures, like the jellybean worms hidden all over the rock shelf (one of the girls faves), and the “hard to explain” to the kids animal, people, riding statue.And then there were the beautiful, crazy, vivid, rainbow colours that were so hard to resist.And the simplicity and lines of these huge creations.  More favourites.So beautiful, so spectacular, so crazy and so serene.A perfect day that kept us all entertained.  If you haven’t been, go, and if you aren’t in Sydney, come!  We all need a little bit of creativity, beauty and madness in our lives.

Final shot of the girls tuckered out after our adventure.

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.



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