Another excuse for lollies!

Oh the drama when she realised swimming clashed with Halloween!  The look of disdain when I suggested I take them out for pizza or fish & chips after swimming instead of trick or treating!  I knew the little one was really only interested in the lollies, but the big one wanted the whole experience.  So different to when I was young and noone had really heard of Halloween.  These days they learn about the origins and celebration in class.

So I did the mad dash to the $2 store and bought some crap to decorate the house and some lollies to hand out.  Rachel declared it the best decorated house in the street, and I embraced the occasion.  We made it back from swimming (assessment week) at the same time as dad got home, to find the lollies we’d left out were all gone.

Never mind, we restocked and the girls took off for some accelerated door knocking.  I stayed home for awhile before the lure of the little street party a few house down drew me and my wine over.  Rachel was so thrilled that her teacher (who lives around the corner) was part of the festivities.

I love our street.  Most in our block know eachother and most have kids at the local primary school.  Any excuse for a party and it looks like we may organise an official street Christmas party.  The new people on the corner met everyone and couldn’t believe the sense of community.  That is one of the best things about where we live.  Not just that we have best friends next door but that we have friends up and down the whole block.As the little one said this morning, eating a chocolate before breakfast:

Best Halloween EVER!

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


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