52 Portraits Project – 19/52

Welcome to week nineteen of my 52 Portraits Project.  If you have missed the earlier weeks start at week 1 here, which includes more information about the project.

19/52. Little. I forget that you are still so little, but also growing, maturing, experiencing and becoming more aware of the world every day.  But you are still so little.  I need to remind myself to be gentle with you but also to honour you as the thoughtful, courageous, empathetic girl you are and are becoming.  But you are still so little.  I cherish those moments where I still feel that.  One day you will want more of your private space, and your private time, deep in your own thoughts.  I love that I can still sit and watch you in the bath, free and innocent and capture a glimpse of the baby you were and the girl you are.  My sweet little one.

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


3 thoughts on “52 Portraits Project – 19/52

  1. What a beautiful, fantastic project. I was just writing about this tho ther day, cherishing and wanting to hold the young innocence of my daughter. Thank you for sharing & be well.

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