Talking heads

I am a real believer in presenting you in your business.  People want to know who they are dealing with and in a small business especially, you are your business.  So why not show them.  People get a sense of who you are through your website, blog, writing, work, but a photograph speaks volumes.  And if a potential client doesn’t like the look of you, great, at least they disappear straight away.

So a good head shot is really important for your business, your blog and your PR.  I love my head shot, I love the expression, the colours and I think it really reflects me.  I am planning on updating to a more summery shot soon though.IMG_5148.RHead shots are by their nature pretty simple.  They are generally head and shoulders or half body and just show a face and clothing, but so little can say so much.  Recently I have taken some head shots for clients – a personal life coach, and yoga instructor, an interior designer and the staff of a new start-up advertising agency – all so different.

Think of your location and surroundings, your clothing choice, your hair, your makeup, colours, your expression.  Each element will convey something about you and your business.  The images below were shot for an Interior Designer launching her business.DesignerThese images were for a Professional Life Coach.CoachAnd the same client, but for her yoga business.YogaSo think carefully about the you you want to present to the world.

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


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