My first love – interiors photography

Way before I shot weddings or family portraits, I used to love to shoot interiors.  I assisted interiors, product and hotel photographers for a while and then moved in other directions.  But that love has never left me.

A little while ago I had the fabulous opportunity to collaborate with Hello Yellow, specialising in hand crafted Homewares and Interior Design consultationWendy asked me to shoot for her new website launch.  I was thrilled and we worked so well together – we had a great laugh.  With her eye for layout and my eye for what looked good in camera, we combined strengths and created some interiors and photographs we are proud of.  And, I LOVED it.

So I am rekindling an old flame and pursuing my love for interiors photography.  My new business cards are ordered and my new website will also feature this growing area of my work.  I have already been asked to quote on a project for another designer and will be doing more work with Hello Yellow.  Yay for me. Untitled-4

Untitled-1IMG_3060.RUntitled-2IMG_3093.RUntitled-3So, if you are a designer, whether up-and-coming or established, a publisher, a writer or a magazine, please contact me for a chat and let’s see if we can work together too.

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


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