No showers for 4 days and other camping stories

Our first ever family easter camping adventure.  I declare it a success.  Great weather, two great families to share the excitement, horses, wildlife, morning coffees, open fires and one hour from home.  Perfect.  Yes, there were the crowds, the lack of showers and toilets, cold nights, sausage stealing kookaburras and under catering on wine, but what’s camping without the downside?

Our fabulous campsite, right on the creek.IMG_0260.RIMG_0272The days were warm and the nights were cool which meant the creek was the source of many an adventure.Untitled-5IMG_0459 copyUntitled-2All six kids were desperate to ride the horses and with 200 on the property, it was an easy wish to fulfill.  We were given Muriel and Dice, the oldest and second oldest horses.  They knew the routine well and tried it on by eating grass at every opportunity.  My arm still feels the strain!  We could not wipe the grins off the kids faces.IMG_0373IMG_0376Untitled-3IMG_0362Untitled-4My little cowgirls!IMG_0308The Valley is private land, so camp fires were allowed.  Many marshmallows were consumed after great searching and whittling of the perfect cooking sticks.IMG_0286IMG_0417We were invited to a neighbouring campsite for brekkie damper, but next time we will remember to bring our own.  Delicious!IMG_0386IMG_0401IMG_0394 copyDaddy was a great camp worker.Untitled-1I think this was the guy that stole our sausage!IMG_0453 copyOne of the highlights was watching the evening muster.IMG_0431 copyThe last camp trip of the season.  A perfect way to celebrate easter, my birthday and to catch up with friends.  The kids had a ball and did not ask for technology once.  They were happy to play, explore, run, swim, build, observe, ride and talk, and talk, and talk…IMG_0287.ROh, and our favourite tent at the campground!IMG_0305A few lessons learnt:  bring more wine, bring warmer bedding, don’t forget the coffee pot, invest more money in a mattress!  But definitely return to this magical place.


All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


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