I love my book club

I really LOVE my book club.

I am a big reader, I love to read, but bed time is the only chance I get.  I tend to know what I might like and stick to that.  Since being in my book club of 9 fabulous women, I have read (or part read) books I would not have looked at twice.

But more than reading, knowing my diary has a monthly commitment to be somewhere with a plate of food and a bottle of bubbles for a long night of chat and laughter, is worth so much, when putting myself first is my last priority.

I missed my last book club because my little one went into hospital two hours before it started.  I missed it.  I missed the girls.  I missed that me time.

Book Club is held at a different person’s house each month, in no particular order.  One of us recently moved to Bowral and she still comes up most months for our get together, but a few months back, we went on a road trip down south.  Only 5 of us made it but what we lacked in numbers we made up for in appetite, laughter, hugs and the setting!!!

Here is a little snapshot of our day away at the Berkelouw Book Barn with the most amazing book buddies you could wish for.BC1BC2Our book – The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared.  Made all the better by a glass or two.BC4A fabulous setting for a chat about books.BC3And country-style winter food on a bitingly cold afternoon.BC5BC6And our next book, Mr Wigg – a recommendation of the Berkelouw staff. BC7A fabulous day in a magical setting.

I thought you might be interested in the books I have read with my Book Club so far:

The Paris Wife – an insight into those creative, over-indulgent days in Paris

The Great Gatsby – couldn’t get into it this time at all – all too self-indulgent.

Before I Go To Sleep – a scary premise with a twist.  A fair few holes, but gripping.

The Dinner – a great discussion book with complicated motivations.  Loved the time frame from different viewpoints.

The Colour of Tea – sweet and uplifting community of local and expat women.  An easy feel good read.

The Light Between Oceans – one of the most memorable books i have read – harrowing and tragic, but beautifully written and could not ut it down. Controversial in the Book Club

Gone Girl – Gripping and edgy and characters so weird and messed up.  Great book.

The Audacity of Hope – sorry, too dry, not in the mood for it.  Would have preferred an autobiography.

The 100 Year Old Man Who Climed Out of the Window and Disapperared – i really loved this crazy “fantasy” life and romp through history.

Mr Wigg – it took me awhile to slow my pace and get tinto it, but when I did, it was magical.

Feel free to make a recommendation.

Happy reading.


All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


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