Being connected

Every so often we get thrown a curve ball and all of a sudden, life as we know it is paused.

It has been a tough month for us and for my family and i am constantly reminded of what really matters.  That pause turns everything else off, and the outside world continues on while you retreat into a cocoon, dealing with the crisis or problem or illness.

I am so conscious of the fact that retreating into my bubble to protect and nurture my family and myself is only possible because of the extraordinary network of friends I have.  There is a small group that I know I can call on any time who will drop everything to do whatever is needed, as I would for them.  And I know there is a broader group I could impose on if i had to.

I am very lucky, but i created that luck by establishing a community and connections with the people in my life.  Not so that i had built-in babysitters, but so that i could share the good times, the bad times and everything inbetween.  I tend to live my life openly.  My friends know when things are good, or bad, because I tell them and maybe that is why the connections are so strong.

I have no family (my side) in Sydney, and therefore establishing those bonds has been even more important and nurturing for me.  As time passes (and I get older), those friendhips have become my lifeline, and a community of ‘extended family” for my girls.  They are an alternate point of view on the world, an ear to listen, someone to watch over us, a source of advice and love.

I could not do this mum thing alone.  I could not do this life thing alone.  So i am eternally grateful to the gorgeous women (and their families) in my life.

Thank you.  You make me feel like Super Fern, in the words of my little one:

Prettier than a cat

Stronger than a lion

Braver than a bear.




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