The post wedding engagement shoot

My beautiful friend was married recently – in a fairytale wedding at a luxurious stately home in the UK.  She and her fabulous new husband and their handsome boys and very cute dogs shared a special day with family and local friends.  I would so love to have been there with them.

But, a honeymoon in Sydney was the next best thing.  It was also a perfect opportunity for a high school reunion with the girls who flew in from New Zealand and Queensland for the weekend.  I was incredibly honoured and delighted when Karen asked me if I would take some photos of her and Adrian in a post wedding engagement shoot in Sydney.  How could I refuse.

We had beautiful light on a Sunday afternoon.  Although the warm golden hues were caused by the smoke in the air from the terrible bushfires, so it was with slightly mixed feelings that we made the most of the setting.

What struck me seeing Karen again for the first time in 10 years, was how relaxed and full of joy she was – she looked younger, she radiated such a glow, such peace.  She is in such a good place.  On meeting Adrian, I knew she had found her match – smart, adventurous, confident, a real go-getter, and a little bit rude!  What an incredible life they will have together.

Karen, there is a whole gallery of images coming your way, but I love these.  They capture the love and spirit of your relationship xxIMG_3871.RIMG_3867.RIMG_3877.RIMG_3861.R

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


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