The moment

Being in the moment, present to life, present to the people around you, present to yourself.  Creating that space for yourself to just be and to enjoy.

My tendency is to go to overwhelm and to become paralysed in in-action.  My head space will not allow anymore in.  Sometimes I need to consciously create an interruption – to clear the space.

I did that yesterday and it felt fabulous.  We have had unseasonably warm autumn weather – according to the experts it should be 19 degrees, not 26!  So after school I took the kids down to the beach, to play in the sand, to run around, to decompress.  I sat and watched and we lost ourselves in the afternoon.  The light was beautiful, eerie almost, grey, cloudy with a misty fog.

Creating space creates opportunities for life to occur and be noticed, for beautiful images to be made and spectacular memories to be cherished.

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Street wise

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately – and looking at how to take these thoughts into actions, to make them real, in the real world, outside of myself.

I have two daughters and I have been wondering about the kind of future they will have and the opportunities that will exist.  They are entering an age (nearly 9 and 6) where they are starting to encounter bullying and meanness and particularly the older one, questioning how she fits in with the world around her.  She is starting to compare.  From what I read, this is the common age for this sort of break from parents to occur.  The break is not altogether harmonious, but that is for another post.

I read an article doing the rounds on facebook about Sarah Millican, who was recently nominated for a BAFTA.  Like many I was saddened by the personal attack she received, based on her looks and clothing.  Even today, achievement is not enough.  The negative comments came from individuals, who clearly did not have a parent that taught them, “if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing”.

So, my girls will grow up in a world where a woman’s appearance will be noticed and commented upon.  We have the power to choose how we react to such commentary, but it still exists and it can really hurt.  I find myself struggling with how to empower my girls, or perhaps, how to educate them to understand how (sadly) things seem to work.  We will do our best as parents to equip them with the tools and resilience to cope in this environment, and to stand for something different.

In all of this I found myself being uncomfortable and icky about my thoughts that at least my girls are built slim.  At least that will be one less thing they might have to be criticised for.  But there is always something.  I suspect they will both be very tall, as I was (and am) growing up, and that will possibly bring with it a raft of commentary.

I think this is my most important role as a parent, to have them grow up to be themselves in a world that wants them to conform.  As the wonderful Ricky Martin said on 60 Minutes last night, “it is none of my business what people think of me.”  Perhaps that is part of the armour we need to just live and let live.Untitled-1

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Creating Space

Space has been on my mind recently. – one of my goals for 2014 is to create more space.  I wanted to slow down, to choose my commitments more carefully, to lead a simpler life, to have more space around me.

That desire, or need, lead me to explore the idea of finding space in an urban environment.  Space in my head, space in my day, physical space.  Over the year i want to explore those thoughts and feelings through words and images and reconnect with my passion and find my space.

I think I started this exploration in Kenya, in the Masai Mara late last year, looking out at the infinite horizon.  Thank you Africa.

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Let it go

The longer I leave something, the harder it is for me to start, or start again, or resume or reconnect.  Kind of like when I started this blog.  One day I started and I wished I had done so earlier.  So now I am back, and life is back on track.

I love to write and I love to take photographs and this blog is a perfect way for me to express myself. I know there are people out there (known and unknown) who read my words and look at my images and I know that sometimes I inspire people (thank you Sadie), and sometimes the posts only mean something to me. Perhaps it is a form of therapy – and maybe self-indulgent, and I can’t think of any better reason to keep going.  I am a sharer, so I am back.

It has been a tough first quarter.  Yes, we have food, running water and an income, but still tough – a lot going on.  Mostly my health – I was sick with a very bad middle ear infection.  I spent 12 days in bed, had a visit to emergency and a whole heap of pain killers and antibiotics.  Nearly 4 months later and my ear is still blocked and the ENT says I have to test whether my hearing has been permanently impacted.  But finally, recently, my energy has returned and I am well.  Woo Hoo!

So much to blog about, so much to look froward to, so much to be grateful for.  So much more to come.  For now, my gorgeous girls having fun at Rottnest Island on a warm 32 degree day on our recent trip to Perth.IMG_5388.R IMG_5382.RLet it go.

You can’t hold me back anymore!

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.