A stake in the creative sand

Just start.  Just do something.  Take an action, any action.  Then keep going.

That is what my friend Angela did.  She is a wonderful and passionate artist, wife and mother to three gorgeous kids.  Her youngest is only 10 months.  She really wanted to take her art to the next level, to get out of her comfort zone and to put herself out there, in the world, in the public eye.

So Angela hired an empty shop space for 10 days and created a pop-up studio and gallery.  She was there every day painting and available to meet with and connect with people who visited her space.  She had conversations with them about her work, she asked them what they liked, what they were looking for, which images inspired them.  And she sold some work.

What Angela did was put a stake in the sand.  She booked the space then worked out everything she had to have ready for the opening of her gallery/studio.  She had a deadline that wasn’t going away.  It all came together and I told Angela how inspired I was by what she had accomplished.  She thanked me and said that my blog and progressing with my photography was one of the things that inspired her to take that step.  Ahhh, group hug!

I visited Angela in her studio one cold morning and took some photos to share with you all.  Please visit Angela at her website and her facebook page.  Many of the paintings you see below have been sold but she is working on a new series.  Not sure of the subject, but follow her to find out more.


IMG_6658.RIMG_6679.RWhat was so wonderful to see was Angela’s two daughters got involved. They were inspired by their mum to paint, exhibit and sell their own work too.  They achieved a tidy little sum.  So, go on, just start.  What is your first step?

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.



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