More than a house

That is especially true for the lovely family I had the pleasure of capturing yesterday.  Their house is their home and after seven years they are moving.  Before packing and leaving they wanted to create some images in their home, as a way of recording memories of a special place where their two young kids grew up.  It is also the home that they transformed with a beautiful renovation to make their own, melding the old with the new.  We took photos on the swing, in the tree, in the front yard, on the couch in the lounge and with the vertical garden as a backdrop.

The family had won a school fundraiser silent auction for a shoot with me.  So all the proceeds went to the school P&C.  Thank you for your generous contribution.  Here are just a few of the images I loved and wanted to share straight away.

These two never stopped giggling and smiling – sitting on their favourite swing.

IMG_6736R-Exposure CThe fifth member of the family who I really did want to steal (borrow).

IMG_6847.R-Exposure BWThis gorgeous dog is truly loved and these two have such a special bond.

IMG_6836.R-Exposure BWLovely to meet you and capture your wonderful ‘huggy’ family in your beautiful home.IMG_6781.R-Exposure CI loooove my job so much.  It is such a privilege to do what you love.

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


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