Family Portraiture

Please contact me if you are interested in some family portraits.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Fifteen Years

Tomorrow I will have been married 15 years.

Pretty cool for a commitment -phobe.  Maybe i’m over that!

The journey is the point and I would not want to experience it with anyone else – loving the mid-story.

Twoo Wuv!


Dream Kitchen

It is not every day you get to re-invent your kitchen.  In fact, it is probably a once in a life time thing.  We were lucky enough to have that opportunity.  The after is so much better than the before.

Gone are the days of checked carpet, bench tops at knee height, yellow flakey paint, no bench space and a fridge in the next room.

With the help of Dave at The Kitchen Maker, we created this gorgeous space.

Our favourite part is the custom glass photograph splash back.  It is an image I captured a few years ago while we were holidaying in our favourite spot in the Blue Mountains.  Mark wrote in sparkler while the kids directed and I shot.

It makes me smile every time I see it and reminds me of family and good times.

Bush Adventures

The girls and I spent 5 days in the bush near Bathurst with friends in a little piece of Aussie paradise.  As much as I think of myself as a coastal girl, the opportunity to be in the middle of ‘nowhere’ without another house or road or even the noise of a car, was just what I needed.  A 4WD would have been good, but that’s another story!

Four mums, nine kids, 2 dogs, sunshine, food and wine, a river, an evening fire, kayaks, bikes, hikes, goats, kangaroos and no snakes.

I am now able to jump start a car – also another story.