The moment

Being in the moment, present to life, present to the people around you, present to yourself.  Creating that space for yourself to just be and to enjoy.

My tendency is to go to overwhelm and to become paralysed in in-action.  My head space will not allow anymore in.  Sometimes I need to consciously create an interruption – to clear the space.

I did that yesterday and it felt fabulous.  We have had unseasonably warm autumn weather – according to the experts it should be 19 degrees, not 26!  So after school I took the kids down to the beach, to play in the sand, to run around, to decompress.  I sat and watched and we lost ourselves in the afternoon.  The light was beautiful, eerie almost, grey, cloudy with a misty fog.

Creating space creates opportunities for life to occur and be noticed, for beautiful images to be made and spectacular memories to be cherished.

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