The camera you have with you

I would love to say that I have my beautiful pro camera with me at all times to capture my view of life.  But it is simply not true.  I love my big DSLR, but practically, it is not the best every-day portable option.  It is big, heavy, and expensive.  Not something I want to leave behind at soccer or under a cafe chair or at the supermarket checkout.

That doesn’t mean I cant capture and record images on the go.  My phone does that.  And 99% of the time, that’s ok.  The best camera to use is the one you have with you.

We recently had a last minute weekend down at the beautiful Kangaroo Valley.  We played netball and basketball in the crazy wind just before the rain.  The light was gorgeous, my daughters clothes were bright, the ball was neon luminous and the wattle in beautiful bloom.  I couldn’t not record it.  Luckily my phone was in my pocket.  And with a little in-phone editing, on the walk home, I have a great image that reminds me of that wonderful weekend.

Your equipment means nothing, your vision is everything.





Sweet, soft newborns, and glowing mums-to-be

No, no, NO!  I am not clucky!

But my hormones rage every time I see these sweet bubbas.  Seems to be the lead up to my youngests first day of school that is having this effect on me.  I love taking photos of newborns.  Actually I love to take maternity images, followed by the newborn photos and watch the story unfold.  Sigh – what a precious time.  Here are a few more favourites.Please get in touch if you are a mum-to-be or a new mum who are interested in recording this special time with a professional photo shoot.

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More favourites – families

I do love photographing families – that beautiful connection and love.  I adore capturing those unique relationships.  The connection between grandfather and grandchildren, mother and daughter, husband and wife, sisters.  Fills my heart, and I often get a bit teary – I’m such a sap!And if you are interested in some gorgeous images of your fabulous family, Have a look at my spring special.

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Spring is all around me

Well, it was, earlier today.  I went for a walk and I could smell the sweet scent of new flowers and hear the tentative clicks of the cicadas.  There was a heat in the air and the breeze was warm.  So much hope, so much anticipation, like the start of something wonderful.  I love this time of year.
A perfect time for a photo shoot too.  Have a look at my Spring Offer, recently released.

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For the love of books

I love books, I really do.  Reading is such an important and lovely part of my day.  It usually only happens for half an hour before bed time, but man, I so look forward to it.  Reading is like a warm shower or a walk in the sun, it’s my little escape as a parent.

Reading has always been part of my house growing up – lots of books and book shelves.  Mum was an art teacher with a degree in fine art so we had beautiful art books as well as every variety of fiction.  I married a man who came with baggage – mostly books, and now my home is filled with books and the girls love to read or be read to.

Rachel is on a mission to complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge asap!

The library is one of our favourite places to visit.  There are always way too many books on my list, and often fines to pay.  As much as I love the online library catalogue and managing my account, I sometimes wish there was a “beam me up Scotty” library service that had the next book on your list materialise in your microwave  or something.  I’d also love the library to keep a record of all my borrowings.  I have been too lazy to write them down.  I’d love to remember how many books I’ve read this year and what they were.  There must be an app for that!

And now that I have a Kindle (thanks Dad), I would really love my library to have an electronic book loan service.  Did you know that books out of copyright can be downloaded and kept for free?  Wuthering Heights was my first electronic book.  I love Wuthering Heights.  LOVE it!  Must charge the Kindle and read it next… again.  One great thing about my academic, literary minded school, was all the classics we had to read.

My book reading tastes waver but generally I like: “slightly in the future” science fiction; autobiographies; espionage; thrillers; recipe books, a good saga, various non-fiction,,,  I’m not really into historical novels, tear jerkers or chick lit (ok, maybe a bit).

Recently I’ve loved

The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins – disturbing but I could not put it down.  Mockingjay, the final book, was disappointing I thought.

Open by Andre Agassi – wow – the most brutally honest and moving autobiography I have ever read.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett – although I knew about the brutality and racism of the American south at the time, this book opened my eyes to the strength and tenderness of the people who lived there.  It reminded me so much of my time living in South Africa in the 1980’s.  So many similarities.

The Quilt by Susan Wiggs – a beautiful story about letting go and moving on as a mother drives her daughter across the US to take her to university and deals with the loss of her child and finding a new role.

The Land of Painted Caves by Jean Auel – The last of 5 in the series.  It was tough to get through and it took 2 attempts, but I wanted to finish it, and I have.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin – an inspiring look at how to be responsible for our life and our own happiness.

Carla Coulson (various books) – an Aussie who changed her career and her life as she moved to Italy, then France and is now a successful fashion photographer.  Beautiful images and words.

I would love to hear what you are reading – I’m looking for my next book (after Wuthering Heights that is).

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Can I still call myself a coffee snob?

I love my daily morning coffee.  But I’m not an addict, I have just one, after I’ve dropped the kids, and maybe had a half hour walk, all on my own, planning my day.  A latte, skim milk, no sugar – mmmmm.

It used to be at a cafe or a quick takeaway, but when I realized that added up to nearly $1,000 a year.  So, I have reverted to the home made drink.  I buy some good ground coffee.  I would grind my own but the grinder is on strike.  I use my Bialetti stove top bought in Milan and lugged around Europe when I was a 20 year old back packer.  I warm the milk and use a small plunger to froth it.  Delicious.

I know a bit about coffee.  In my past life in advertising agencies I had three coffee clients at different times in my career in the UK and Australia.  I learned a lot about coffee production, and how to make the best cup at home.  I tasted so many beans, blends, and drinks to confuse and enlighten any taste buds.

But here’s where I’ve started to worry.  I’m not one for hot drinks on a hot summer’s morning, especially after a walk.  So I crossed to the dark side… iced coffee.  Hmmm.  Where does the coffee jury stand on this?  I would have thought that was a coffee snob no-no.  But, I like it!  I justified it by still making the espresso shot with my stove top and using good coffee.  But here’s where it gets really dodgy.  Today, all in a hurry, I used instant!  Aaaahhhh.  And the secret is, eeeeek, I’m not sure I could taste the difference.  I’m probably just tired and it is Friday.  But I might have to try it again to be sure!And here is a photo of my kids, just so I can remind myself why I love them so – especially after the tantrum filled morning we had.  Perhaps I need another coffee!

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Old Favourites

I have this habit of taking a photo of things that are not really worth keeping anymore.  Maybe they are old or damaged or I just don’t have a need or space for them.

To be honest, I struggle to throw things out.  I have a desire to be zen, but the genetics to be a hoarder.  I’m not talking rats in my front yard, but throwing things out, decluttering, etc., hmmm, tricky!  I blame my mum!  Sorry mum!

So taking a photo to replace an item is perhaps the first step to moving forward!  However, some things get photographed, but the next step doesn’t quite happen – sigh!

These are my favourite shoes.  No, not heels!!!  My Product Red Little Red Riding Hood Converses.  LOVE them.  As you can see they are well worn, with holes and falling apart.  This is not a result of poor quality but of true love.  They have been worn every cool or coolish or cold day since I bought them a few years back.  I really want some new ones, but it’s just finding the right pair.  Maybe the Chuck Taylor Marimekko’s.  But I’m just not sure I can part with them.

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