I am a winner baby

Yes I am, and I only just finished and posted my Vision Board.

In December last year I received an email from Kora Organics – Miranda Kerr’s skincare company saying I was one of a few winners of a skincare pack.  I rang and left my details as instructed and then with Christmas and the rest, I forgot.

Then last week I was sorting through my inbox and found the original email.  I realised too much time had passed but my client service/marketing background kicked in and so I decided to send an email just to let them know that I never received my prize.

To my surprise and delight, the same person contacted me the next morning and a prize pack was in the post that afternoon.  I was so impressed and it was completely unexpected.  I had hoped, but was quite prepared to get a “sorry, you’re too late” reply.

So I was inspired to write about Kora Organics for two reasons – the product and the service.

My pack included a Foaming Cleanser, Soothing Day and Night Cream and Balancing Rose Mist.  The packaging and branding are gorgeous – simple yet elegant, calming and natural.  One of my favourite colours, so that helps.  I tried them all and the Cleanser and Mist are fab.  The Moisturiser has a beautiful texture and is not greasy at all.  The perfume is beautiful but a little too strong for my liking.  I have always preferred a much subtler fragrance.

The customer service blew me away.  I felt like I was dealing with a small business who valued me – regardless of whether I had purchased or won a prize. Miranda Kerr is one of those celebrities who I have admired – no scandal, just a great ambassador, seems like a genuinely lovely person and is a mum who has built a business based on something she believes in.  It seems that radiates right down through her company.  How she runs her business is an inspiration for me in terms of the kind of customer service I want to bring to my photography and future ventures.

Does that sound a bit gushy?  A little, but having worked in advertising for 10 years, I am often a little jaded and hard to impress.

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