I have added interiors to my repertoire

I have always loved shooting interiors and lifestyle product set-ups.

I am in the process of getting my price list together, but if you need some images for your business, please get in touch.  Here are some shots I took for Hello Yellow, the fabulous online homeware store and interior design service brought to you by the fabulous Wendy.  See her website for some more of my images.Hello.Yellow.Collage

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.


I loved, loved, loved this shoot

I am finalising an order for the mum of these two gorgeous sisters.  We had such fun at the beach that morning, even though there was an unexpected chill in the air.  These two cuties got along so well and loved posing together.  I should have asked for some tips because my two are not quite there yet, but that’s a whole other post!Ali.Collage

All content is the copyright of Louise Fletcher Photography.

Being connected

Every so often we get thrown a curve ball and all of a sudden, life as we know it is paused.

It has been a tough month for us and for my family and i am constantly reminded of what really matters.  That pause turns everything else off, and the outside world continues on while you retreat into a cocoon, dealing with the crisis or problem or illness.

I am so conscious of the fact that retreating into my bubble to protect and nurture my family and myself is only possible because of the extraordinary network of friends I have.  There is a small group that I know I can call on any time who will drop everything to do whatever is needed, as I would for them.  And I know there is a broader group I could impose on if i had to.

I am very lucky, but i created that luck by establishing a community and connections with the people in my life.  Not so that i had built-in babysitters, but so that i could share the good times, the bad times and everything inbetween.  I tend to live my life openly.  My friends know when things are good, or bad, because I tell them and maybe that is why the connections are so strong.

I have no family (my side) in Sydney, and therefore establishing those bonds has been even more important and nurturing for me.  As time passes (and I get older), those friendhips have become my lifeline, and a community of ‘extended family” for my girls.  They are an alternate point of view on the world, an ear to listen, someone to watch over us, a source of advice and love.

I could not do this mum thing alone.  I could not do this life thing alone.  So i am eternally grateful to the gorgeous women (and their families) in my life.

Thank you.  You make me feel like Super Fern, in the words of my little one:

Prettier than a cat

Stronger than a lion

Braver than a bear.